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Apr 14, 2017 · The motor will rev up to 1,700 briefly in neutral or park , then return to normal idle . Seems to reset by either driving or turning off and restarting. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have about 10 fixes to do including hpop oil leak and abs light , transfer shifter motor etc. It's a great old , late 1999 4 door 8 foot box monster Sep 03, 2010 · Often noises can move around in the engine. The engine in my 75 started sounding like the crank bearings where failing. I adjusted the cam chain tension and checked the valve adjustment and the noise went away.

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2006 tacoma whining noise When I start my Tacoma, there is a whining when idling, and also when RPM's - Toyota 2006 Tacoma question While accelerating up to speed the truck makes a noticeable whining noise that appears to come from the rear end. Begins at about 45mph and after 55mph noise is completely gone.
Some customers may comment on a brief rattle or tick when revving the engine when the vehicle is in P (Park) or N (Neutral). The same rattle or tick can sometimes be heard at the beginning or end of a vehicle acceleration while in D (Drive). If neutral is set properly, you should not Shown with steering control levers in the park brake position hear the transmission whine. Shown with steering control levers in the neutral position A. Page 15: Park Brake Spring Adjustment Park Brake Spring Adjustment 10.

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Try holding the engine revs at 2-3000 rpm whilst stationary in neutral, if you get the noise then it would rule out the gearbox entirely and you would be looking at a possible fault with the cambelt tensioner, water pump, alternator or alternator drive belt. If you don't get the noise at standstill then gearbox bearings are favourite.
Aug 09, 2018 · Are either of your JLs the 2.0T engine? Another member reported his 2.0T engine making a whining sound. Like a belt turning a supercharger. Or possibly a belt turning the e-Torque? Or do you think the noise is the engine revving and the turbo whistling? I think he is going to try making a video so others can hear it. My EP3 makes this whining noise when accelerating, very obvious from 2k rpm up til VTEC noise takes over. it is very annoying when cruising on highway. The drive belt seems old but spray belt dressing does not make ANY difference to the noise. The tranny fluid has also just been changed with honda MTF06, which made no difference either.

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Aug 31, 2009 · 1) ebrake on, 2) brake not pressed, 3) shift lever in park. if all of those checks pass, then the AIC will kick in which can do a small number of things. 1 is rev up to a certain rpm, 2 charge battery by revving up to an rpm of its choice, and maybe some others.
One common theory, for the cause of the noise, is a high oil level in the engine. The thinking behind this is that when the oil is at its highest the crankshaft and the connecting rods beat or whip air into the oil creating a foam in the oil and then when the foam inters the lifters the air in the foam allows the lifter to tap or click. Jul 28, 2008 · FWIW, I had a '96 Olds Cutlass with the 3.4L Twin Cam engine. It had a neutral rev limiter at 4,000rpm. Engine would just cut out at that point. I guess to protect from accidental full throttle reving or high rev neutral drops into gear. The redline on that engine was in the 6,500 rpm range. Ed B.

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The answer was a definite no. They said you could rev an engine all day long in neutral without causing any damage. So, don't sweat it. We all do the nice miss-shift from first to second over-rev move. It's embarrasing as hell, but it happens to everyone. just don't worry about damaging the engine.
When the engine is revved to 2800-2900 rpm, there is a peculiar whining kind of noise which appears, it looks like a whine but it could be a whoozing sound too, I am not sure! I can't seem to figure out. The sound goes away after 2900 rpm till whatever RPM i rev it too, its only present in this rpm zone.Oct 23, 2012 · I have a 1990 talon tsi awd that is whines when Im coasting. This does not happen when I only go up to 45 mph. It usually happens after I take my car to the highway driving 70 mph. It does not happen when Im going at 70 mph it usually starts when I decelerate. The noise remains even if I go on neutral. Revving the engine does not make it worse.

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Nov 24, 2010 · So, I have an automatic. I can't remember how long this has been happening, but anyway. If you rev the car to past like 6,000RPM while in neutral while moving the car will jerk forward a bit. Anyway, jacked up the car today on 4 jack stands. Turned it on, put it in neutral. Wheels move. I was...
whining noise when car is off, Nov 22, 2019 · Strange car sound: A low-pitched hum While driving, you hear a low-pitched hum. As you accelerate, the noise gets louder—maybe it sounds like an airplane taking off—but after a certain speed the volume is consistent. Sep 04, 2009 · Idled fine, runs fine but when I released the clutch (in neutral) a high pitch whine was coming from the engine compartment. Push the clutch pedal to the floor noise goes away. It was consistant. I took the car for a quick spin, runs / shifts perfect. Once the coolant was up to temp I pulled back in, selected neutral to see if anything changed.

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An engine will often sound noisy on start-up because components aren't under load, the engine is cold and the oil hasn't warmed up and started circulating freely. ... Don't try and clear it ...
Aug 08, 2012 · - When the car is in Park or Neutral the engine will rev as expected - When it is one of the Drive or Reverse gears, it moves at idle pace only. When I press the accelerator, the engine won't even rev. It just started today. My engine is revving, at idle, in park and in neutral. When I put the Pilot in park, the engine revs from 900 rpms, up to 1,600 rpms, and them immediately drops back to 900 rpms, only to repeat the process over, and over,and over.....

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Jun 04, 2013 · It's not, it's at 2,900 RPM. Ford likes the fact that stoopid people are much less likely to blow an engine with the rev limiter while it's under warranty and try to scam their way into a new one. People also get stoopid with throttle return springs, I have a buddy that lost an engine in a Buick Gran Sport in the winter because the spring broke, throttle stuck on full, and he couldn't get down ...
If the engine has an overhead cam with a timing belt, loosen the cover over the timing belt and check the belt. If the belt is okay, the problem is no fuel. Listen for the electric fuel pump in the fuel tank to make a buzzing noise when the ignition is turned on (you may have to open the gas cap to hear it).

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Nov 21, 2011 · Whine/whirring noise when revving. - posted in Engine, Tuning and Performance: Only just started, idle and in gear, when revving there is a low whine from engine. Any ideas what this could be, only hear it low revs as engine to loud when Im in higher gears.
A restriction to the fluid flowing through the filter often produces a noise. A restricted filter is a problem, but it is also a symptom. Debris from the transmission has plugged the filter and the source of the contaminants is the problem. A plugged transmission filter usually means severe damage.